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How our skin looks is an indicator of our health, vitality and life. No matter where you are in the world, beautiful, smooth skin is considered THE beauty ideal. The skin also acts as our true protective armour against irritations like cold, heat, sun and abrasion. So it’s hardly surprising that we like to pay it so much attention and take care of it as best as we can.

Feel good in your skin


What's important is that the right skincare is tailored to your individual skin type. Because depending on your current situation, the time of year or your age, your skin needs to be cared for in different ways. To always give your skin the right kind of care, we have developed care ranges featuring different lead plants tailored to the various skin types.

The pampered one

Left untreated the skin becomes tight and itchy, sometimes even a little flaky. Dry skin demands super-rich nourishment to restore its smoothness and suppleness and leave it feeling soft to the touch. 


Tip: With dry skin it’s important that it is protected from external factors – antioxidants have a combative effect. Precious oils in face creams such as pomegranate oil, jojoba oil and almond oil provide protection, regulate the skin's moisture content and prevent it from drying out.

   Extra-Tip: Avoid strong sun exposure and hot baths as these will dehydrate the skin even more. 

The difficult one

External factors quickly bring it out of balance and it becomes irritated. The reason for this is that the skin’s natural protective mechanism is no longer intact. In people with neurodermatitis it’s often actually factors that are harmless per se that can irritate their sensitive skin. The skin's moisture balance is disturbed and harmful substances can penetrate more easily. The skin becomes red, dry, tense and flaky. Without help the skin will never restore its natural balance. It requires special care designed to soothe the skin and permanently strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.


   Tip: Less is more. Too much skin care with different products is unnecessary. Cosmetics for irritated skin should contain particularly tolerable ingredients and forego synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives to reduce the risk of irritation. As a general rule: See a doctor for any redness and flakiness that has not disappeared within a week.

The straightforward one

Consider yourself lucky. Heat, cold, sun, cosmetics – nothing’s a problem! Normal skin presents no complaints such as reddened, flaky or impure areas – it has an even and fresh appearance. This is helped by the balanced production of sebum and well-regulated oil and moisture levels in the skin. However, this easy-care phase rarely lasts: Over the years the skin becomes drier; from the age of 35 at the very latest it needs help to maintain its lipid balance.


   Tip: Even normal skin types need to do a daily thorough cleanse morning and evening in order to keep their skin healthy. Daily care in the morning and evening, where applicable, is also important for keeping the skin healthy.

The diverse one

It is a combination of two skin types: normal to dry and oily skin. It simply can’t make its mind up. The T-zone tends to be oily and is prone to impurities with large pores. The cheeks are dry. The T-zone can be prone to impurities and is large-pored. Factors like temperature also affect combination skin. In winter it often becomes more dry and in summer the skin looks more shiny. Combination skin is generally found in teens. Over time areas of the skin become increasingly even.



Tip: Because the skin combines dry and oily areas, moisturising but non-greasy care products should be used. What's important is to not leave out moisturising completely. Lack of moisture causes the skin to produce its own oil, leading to increased shine. Gentle care that regulates the skin’s acid-base balance, moisturises and soothes is the best option.

   Extra-Tip: Thorough cleansing is the basis for healthy skin. When dirt, dead skin cells, and excess sebum and make-up are removed from the skin, the ingredients in the care cream can be better absorbed.


Shiny and oily skin with a tendency to impurities – unfortunately not just a skin problem during teen age years. Impure skin can even occur with 30 or later. Stress, fatigue, sugar, cigarettes and alcohol can favor the development. In case of a hyperfunction, too much sebum is produced which clogs the pores and sometimes leads to inflammations. The skin reacts with pimples and black heads – usually, they arise when they are least needed.



Care Tip: A remedy is an oil and grease-free cleansing and care, which open the pores, regulate the sebum production and smooth the greasy shine.  At regular intervals a peeling can help remove excess horny cells to protect the sebaceous glands from clogging.

   A little consolationIn later years, blemished skin compensates with a more youthful appearance due to the skin's own lipid content.

The delicate one

Cold, heat, spicy food or the wrong care – sensitive, delicate skin reacts fast, becoming irritated and red. This may be due to hereditary disposition but it may be that the skin’s natural barrier is no longer intact. Harmful substances penetrate the skin more easily, making it more susceptible to the effects of stress and negative environmental factors. To compensate for this the skin becomes tense – rough, dry areas are a common complaint. Sensitive skin can occur whatever condition your skin is in, whether it’s dry and mature or oily and prone to acne.


   Tip: Be kind to your skin and give it special care that soothes and counteracts skin irritations. Over time this will help to restore the skin's natural balance and in doing so strengthen its barrier function.


The skin appears exhausted, pale, stressed and lost its radiance. Further indicators are red spots and dryness wrinkles. The skin structure changes especially during winter time or due to much stress. The skin demands intensive care and protection containing effective substances to promote the natural process of epidermis renewal.


   Care tip: The skin needs support in the recovery and cell renewal process to restore its natural skin balance. Antioxidants protect against harmful free radicals and thus against premature skin ageing. Moisturizing substances deliver an extra portion moisture. 


The skin has already undergone considerable experience and tells our life story. The older she becomes the more it shows its character. The skin’s regeneration capability decreases, the metabolic processes slow down, the skin loses its elasticity and resilience. First fine lines can appear at the age of 30. It's not possible to prevent the natural ageing process but we can influence the skin ageing process and the way we deal with it. The care requirements of the skin have grown and particularly rich, moisturizing care is in demand.



Care Tip: The night's sleep is perfectly suitable for the regeneration of the skin. We recommend therefore the use of a rich night care as well as a high quality eye care for the thin skin around the eyes. The same applies for the lips. After brushing the teeth, a lip care can restore the skin's moisture balance. Face masks should be applied once a week to support the regeneration process. 

   Extra care tip: Unprotected and excessive exposure to the sun is the skin aging cause no. 1. Our products for demanding skin contain valuable radical catchers. Avoid sunbathing and enjoy a healthy lifestyle – the skin will thank you for it!
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