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Consumers have the right to make an informed choice regarding the products they buy, based on truthful information. The increasing range of conventional, near-natural and certified natural cosmetics is making it hard to select products. Very few customers know that the term natural cosmetics is not legally protected.

cosnature® contains what it claims to. Transparency and trustworthiness are our top priority. Here you can discover more about our certificates, official seals and quality guarantees.



For a long time, products have claimed they are natural without actually containing any natural ingredients. So to help distinguish between “genuine natural cosmetics” and “conventional natural cosmetics” there’s the NATRUE international quality seal for natural cosmetics. NATRUE was developed in 2008 by a number of pioneers of natural cosmetics who believed that the BDIH certification was not strict enough.

The NATRUE official seal allows consumers the world over to identify authentic, natural and organic cosmetics. Products are certified following the successful testing of their ingredients and their processing and an on-site production inspection takes place. Exclusion criteria for the NATRUE label include the use of genetic engineering, substances made from mineral oil or silicone, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petrochemicals and animal testing. 

All cosnature® products meet the strict criteria for certified natural cosmetics and have been awarded the international NATRUE certificate for natural cosmetics.

For further information please visit www.natrue.org/consumers.

All cosnature® products are free from purely synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives and we use no ingredients made from mineral oil such as silicone, parabens or polyethylene glycol (PEG).

We use only natural ingredients that can be traced back to the cycle of nature and cause no damage to the environment. cosnature® products do not contain microbeads (microplastic), for example, which are used in certain conventional cosmetics products.

Vegan natural cosmetics


cosnature® offers a wide range of products that do not contain animal-derived substances, making them 100% vegan.

We can guarantee that no animal-derived ingredients, by-products or carriers (e.g. in the production process) were used in the development and manufacturing of these products, nor did we conduct any animal testing for them.

Our vegan products are marked with the Vegan Society's sunflower seal. This internationally recognised British organisation inspects all finished products according to very strict criteria, as well as the manufacturing process and the origin of the raw materials contained in the products. 

Small exceptions are unavoidable
Not all animal-derived raw materials can be replaced with plant-derived raw materials of equal effect, however. Our lip balms, for example, do not bear a vegan seal because they contain beeswax as an essential caring ingredient. 

All cosnature® products are developed and produced without animal testing. Dermatological tests to ensure the compatibility of the formulae are carried out exclusively on volunteer testers in scientific institutes.

German quality


cosnature® products are developed at our plant in Germany. “Quality made in Germany”, a sign of endless innovation and continuous optimisation and sustainable manufacturing processes, is a commitment we take very seriously.

Being fair with mother nature
We consider it our duty to protect the environment. For this reason we have set ourselves the aim of using resources (raw materials, energy, water and other goods) sparingly and selectively. We demonstrate this on the one hand through our general energy saving measures (energy-saving bulbs, heat recovery system, motion detectors, switchable power sockets, modern heating system). Low-emission manufacturing, preferential collaboration with local suppliers and avoiding unnecessary journeys are things we are also extremely passionate about.
We recycle and reuse almost 100% of our waste and our separator systems drain off product residues from our waste water before it is fed into the public sewer system.

Our company has been awarded DIN ISO 50001 Energy Management certification, which covers energy- and emission protection. We manufacture according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical production standards, which guarantee that our manufacturing process meets the highest safety standards. 

Something we are equally passionate about is the preferred use of environmentally friendly packaging materials. Our folding boxes are FSC-certified and are made from at least 80% recycled materials. Our ink is composed of 80% renewable raw materials and is mineral oil-free. We also compensate for our CO2 emissions in the production of our folding boxes by helping to preserve the forests of the Kibale National Park.

Organic raw materials


Crucial to the quality of a natural cosmetic product is the high quality, purity and natural origin of the raw materials. Our high quality demands are reflected in the use of organic raw materials grown organically or sourced through certified wild collection. 

These organic raw materials are characterised by fair working conditions, fair trade, ensuring the natural fertility of the soil and foregoing the use of pesticides.

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