It tenses, burns, itches and shivers - irritated skin is a sensitive soul. It does not like external influences such as constant fluctuations between dry centrally heated air and freezing cold or the irritants contained in the skincare treatments; it tends to react with redness, dryness, sensations of tenseness and sometimes even itchy inflammation. Our stressful lifestyles, poor sleep and incorrect skincare habits, such as excessive washing, also irritate it. Your immune system can get out of balance and its barrier protection function can then break down. New cosnature® MED basic and intensive care is specially designed for the needs of irritated skin; it soothes the skin and helps restore its natural balance.


To protect you from the outside world, the skin has a barrier layer consisting of keratinized cells. 

This so-called horny layer (not to be confused with the cornea) is kept together by special fats (lipids). The better the keratinized cells are held together by this interweaving, the better the underlying skin layers are protected from harmful influences and stimuli. The so-called "acid mantle", a film of sebum (skin fat), sweat and parts of horny cells, covers the horny layer. Its pH is slightly acidic (5.5 pH) and is conducive to beneficial bacteria that live on the skin, which ensures that pathogenic germs can hardly reproduce on it. 

The horny layer together with the acid mantle are the natural protective shield of the skin and protect it - provided they are intact - from external influences. If the skin barrier is disrupted, the penetration of allergens and pathogens into the skin, lungs and intestines is favoured. 

Signs that the skin is out of balance and irritated are redness, itching, tightness, burning and increased wrinkling. The symptoms can be very individual and depend, inter alia, on age, history and skin type. With age, the skin becomes all the more sensitive, thinner, forms less collagen and its vessels become brittle. 


People with atopic dermatitis (= atopic eczema) suffer especially badly. In Germany, more than 5 million people are affected by this chronic, relapsing skin disease - and the trend is upwards. Typical symptoms include tears, dandruff, eczema accompanied by extreme itching, which are not only an enormous burden for those affected but also severely impair their quality of life. With neurodermatitis, the skin reacts much faster, with greater sensitivity and becomes inflamed whenever it comes into contact with physical, chemical or microbial stimuli.


Once out of balance, it is hard for the stressed skin to reacquire its natural balance all by itself. Due to the lack of a protective mechanism, it can even become hypersensitive to harmless substances. A vicious cycle is initiated. In order to help the skin quickly, we may try to counteract this with excessive and often incorrect skincare and washing. However, with the opposite effect: frequent, long and especially hot, bubble baths or showers, aggressive ingredients in cosmetics, such as alcohol, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and soaps increasingly stress and dry out the skin and cause irritation. 

Bad habits with irritated skin: 

  • Frequent showering / bathing: dries out the skin and disturbs its natural protective coat.
  • Incorrect care: a look at the INCI list ("International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients") will help you find the right care. Irritants such as alcohol, fragrances, preservatives, dyes and PEG emulsifiers irritate the skin. 

Irritated skin needs to be treated with care - the motto here is: less is more. Because the fewer ingredients there are, the better. 

The key to breaking this vicious cycle is targeted, gentle basic and intensive care that calms the skin and helps it return to its original state.

What does the skin good:

  • Water: the skin needs to be supplied with much more water from the inside rather than from the outside
  • Consistent care: a gentle, skin-soothing basic and intensive care, with selected and, ideally, natural ingredients, creates the best possible conditions for the skin to return to its original state.


cosnature® NATURAL COSMETICS utilizes the treasures of nature and has created the cosnature® MED care series especially for the needs of irritated, dry and eczema-prone skin.

At the heart of the new MED basic and intensive care products are organic chamomile extracts, derived from certified organic cultivation, valuable natural brine and also hyaluronic acid. 

Due to the special composition of the active ingredients, this type of care is a blessing for all those afflicted with irritated, dry skin and atopic dermatitis. 

Not for nothing is chamomile considered the skin’s best friend. Because in the fight against skin diseases its flowers have an antibacterial effect and not only soothe itching, but can also soothe irritated skin itself.

The main area of application for natural brine, which is also known as "White Nurse", is skin diseases - thanks to its therapeutic benefits. It contains numerous minerals and, due to their health-promoting properties, has a de-sensitizing and anti-bacterial effect. The natural brine contained in our MED care series originates in the Leine Valley (Leinetal) in Germany, which is valued for its purity and is recognised as medicinal water.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the connective tissue as the body's own substance. It improves the skin's ability to retain moisture and helps to soothe the symptoms of irritated skin. 

The cosnature® MED series consists of four products for the daily care routine and has an impressive skin-soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect:




All the products in the cos nature® MED series have a skin-friendly pH value (5.5 pH) and have a similar effect on the skin, so that the skin's own acid protective layer is maintained and not assaulted.

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